Somali Diaspora Established States: Whose States are they any way

Somali Diaspora established States: Whose states are they any way?

Since the collapse of the military led Government of Somalia twenty years back, Somalia has passed through many diverse and difficult eras that left the country to be in a very devastating situation. The country remained to be in the hands of those so called leaders that never agreed to establish an all inclusive Government that can serve the interest of the poor Somalis. The country has been recognized as a failed state by the international community although  more than 15 reconciliation conferences has been held in different parts of the African continent but none has appeared fruits that could set the country back on its foot and every conference ended in fake and unsustainable paper agreements.

Somaliland which declared independence from Somalia in 1991 has remained peaceful with all Government institutions at work but could not achieve to gain any recognition from the international community.  Punt land also remained calm and stable when compared to southern Somalia in which the people in that part of the country has been badly devastated by both human induced conflicts and natural catastrophes that resulted the death of thousands if not millions for the last twenty years.

The only fortunate Somalis that escaped the chaos and confusion that dominated the country got refuge in countries of Europe and North America, they have luckily received a warm welcome and most of them became naturalized citizens of the aforementioned countries unlike other Somalis who are being badly harassed by the Arab countries that never welcomed the unfortunate Somalis that sought refuge in their countries.

The Diaspora Somalis played a major role in helping and sending money to their families back home, it is needless to say that they have contributed much more to the economy of their country for those long years of statelessness. But only a year ago things turned the opposite and most of the Diaspora Somalis started to play their part in disintegrating their country into pieces by establishing pseudo-states with no clear and vivid policies that I believe will lead the country into another decade of lawlessness.

Those Somalis have never thought of the consequence of establishing one man show states in the hearts of Europe that has diverted all the cumulative financial assistance into another zero value game that most of Somali back home see as a joke and a job for the jobless in Europe and America.

One very devastating phenomena that faces Somalis back home is that all Somali Diaspora are all wealth and educated.  one telephone call by a very fool Somali that has been sacked by his wife and living  in a separate home desperately will influence and mislead the very weak and vulnerable Somalis back home by telling them that it is not the interest of their clan that they  should be ruled by another clan.

Traditional leaders in the Somali community are known to be the pillars that keep the peaceful coexistence among the people, but these days they are being misled by very greedy and selfish individuals that call themselves politicians.

The newly established states are purely managed and established by Diaspora Somalis and to the surprise of many the so called leaders of the fake states live in different countries but never and ever come to the region they represent.  How come a Diaspora cabinet can exist without the will of the people back home?  Why thousands of Dollars be spent in well decorated Hotels in Europe while people back home are suffering due to redundant drought.  It should be also wise to mention that it is not all Somalis in the Diaspora that has devoted their time in dividing and organizing meaningless conferences but there are those who are positively thinking for the wellbeing of the people.

In this world of Globalization, I personally did not thought that Somalis in the Diaspora will export Tribalism to the countries they have migrated but instead they will import very valuable ideas, knowledge and technologies they have benefited from those developed countries.   Where and when will those established states come to the real ground they mention to represent? is it wise to confuse and destabilize the already ailing situation back in your country?

What worries me more is what we always read in the Somali websites, we are fed up with very unwise and unethical messages posted on clan based websites that are mastered by  Diaspora Somalis. Has any one of the webmasters that behave unwisely thought of the impact of their articles back home in their country of origin.

We will see what the future holds for Somalis back home and as Ethiopian Somalis we are very sad to see that the Somali Diaspora are playing useless games  with their relatives back home. I personally advice Ethiopian Somalis in the Diaspora to stay away from those tribalism affected Somalis and think for their people back home and play their part in fulfilling the  Growth and transformation Plan that is well under way in the country.


Hussien Mohamed Yusuf,

Hussien is a Masters Degree Candidate in Ethiopian Civil Service University, Addis Ababa; He can be reached at

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