Somalia: A Comprehensive strategy to end the Statelessness

A Road map from a concerned Somali: The first twelve months.

Down-streaming effective Central/Federal administration following the London Conference on Somalia

After the threat of sanctions has been spelled out to the invited Somali groups if they do not agree to a comprehensive peace plan, following steps must be implemented immediately by experts appointed within the ‘Somalia Contact Group’ and chaired by Britain:

First step

The Transitional Federal Institutions (Benadir and Lower Shabelle included)

Amisom and the TFG to speed up security and the local government.

Second step

Puntland, Somaliland, Galmudug and Ahlu Sunna States

Local government administrations must be left intact and supported.

Third step

Himan/Heebo, Khaatumo, Awdal, Hiiraan and Maakhir States

Direct support to be extended to enhance the existing governance mechanisms.

And later, after the expulsion of Al Shabaab

Fourth step

Jubba Valley, Gedo and Bay Regions

Local government administrations to be set up immediately.

Fifth step

Mopping up

Piracy: Expected to end organically.

Terrorism: Sporadic targeted bombings – gradually to decline within six months.

Current Parliament: To be replaced with vetted new members – mainly from the professional Diaspora Somalis

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