Minneapolis, MN (USA), December 9, 2011.  The TLC, a civic Tol organization of the Gadaboursi community everywhere, is disheartened to hear about the latest crime that has taken place in the Gabileh zone of Somaliland:  a blatant murder of three members of the Gadaboursi and citizens of Somaliland. This is the second time, in less than three years, in which such unwarranted killings have taken place. The TLC, in a press release on the earlier violent transgression, had warned the authorities in Somaliland that unless the perpetrators of such horrible acts are immediately caught, tried and brought to justice, public safety and common civic identity would quickly erode. What will follow, then, would be for the Gadaboursi people to be given no choice but to fall back on building their own defenses to protect the safety and personhood of their kin. It is incomprehensible, then, that those accused of the earlier killings have been walking freely in the area. Now comes this new and barbaric aggression. In view of all of this, the TLC brings forth the following urgent points:

  • We send our most profound condolence to the victims’ families.  We share fully their sense of violation; and their heavy grief is felt by every member of the TLC.
  • We condemn with utmost outrage those who had committed this crime and anyone who had aided them to do so.
  • We join the traditional leaders and other members of the citizens of Somaliland in calling for calm and restraint.
  • We remind the Somaliland authorities of their most fundamental duty: the protection and safety of ALL the citizens of the country. Thus, we urge them, once again, to act with speed to bring the culprits to justice. A lack of decisive action again, will only further denude the collective belonging that is essential for the unity, stability and progress of Somaliland that the TLC supports.
  • We urge the Somaliland authorities to expeditiously find EQUITABLE and FAIR resolution to the long-standing and flammable communal dispute at Ceelbardale and enforce such a resolution with the full force and power of the government.

TOL Leadership Council

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