Condolence to Ismail Nur family

Condolence to Ismail Nur family


We were deeply shocked by the death of Dr. Ismail Nur Dirie. Ismail was born and raised in Jijiga. He started elementary school and Quran in Jijiga. After graduating from high school Ismail went on to Addis Ababa and he enrolled in Haile Salasie University. He was first Somali to graduate in 1958 with Bachelor of Science, Ismail was very well known for his excellence in education at Haile Salasie University. Dr. Ismail won the prestigious scholarship to University of Michigan at Ann Arbor to pursue a Master degree in Microbiology. He came back to Ethiopia to begin working at the Pasteur Institute Laboratory. Dr. Ismail moved to Somalia early 1960 and became one of the most influential, respected, and knowledgeable in both Ethiopia and Somalia in the twenty century. While working Mogadisho as director of central laboratory he won second scholarship in 1968 this time to pursue a second master degree in public health at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

The pursuit of higher education and the quest for knowledge is what motivated and inspired Dr. Ismail, along with his deep commitment to public service. He always said “without knowledge, there is no clear vision.”  Dr. Ismail was a brilliant young scholar, of his time, and was instrumental in the creation of a number scientific of articles. Dr. Ismail was one of the supporters of higher education and community development projects.

Tacsi; ku socota Qoyska reer Sh.C/raxmaan Qaadi Nuur

Dr. Ismail will forever be etched in the ledgers and histories of Somalia, Djibouti and Ethiopia for his relentless and unselfish effort to help his people. His soul is gone but his good deeds will forever be remembered by his people. On the behalf of Ali Abdi Hori and Muse Abdi Hassan (Arkato) families, we hereby join his family and people from Somalia, Djibouti and Ethiopia in particular Jijiga and Borama, in general in their sadness and grief over the loss of our beloved Dr. Ismail. May the almighty Allah rest his soul in peace, in his last domicile and give his family and relatives the courage to conquer this unrepeatable loss. Condolences were sent by:

  1. Abdilahi Sh. Ali Ayanle and his family
  2. Abdillahi Jama Qofal and his family
  3. Abdirashid D. Yusuf and his family
  4. Ali Bedeh fara and his family
  5. Ali Isse Abdi and his family
  6. A/rashid Bashir and his family
  7. Ali Abdi Hori and his family
  8. Mohamed M. Alabari and his family
  9. Mohamed Bedeh farah and his family

10.  Mohamoud Abdinasir and his family

11.  Mustafe Yahay and his family

12.  Mohamed Rashid Barkhad and his family

13.  Muhubo D. Yusuf

14.  Omer Abdi Gele and his family

15.  Osman Aw Aden Si’arag and his family

16.  Abdillahi Nuh Hori

ali hori

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