Awdalians, Walking the Walk is What Awdal Needs Badly!

Awdalians, Walking the Walk is What Awdal Needs Badly!

By Noah Arre

For the past thirty years and more, Somalis were in the wilderness thanks but no thanks to their uncompromising attachments to tribalism and their mercilessness toward one another. Of course, within that period, hundreds of thousands if not more, have perished; and hundreds of thousands more of their kids have died and continue to die of hunger, diseases and malnutrition.  And sorry, Somali mothers are no longer able to shed tears for losing their loved ones because their eyes have long ago gone dry. And the few sane fathers alive are overwhelmed by the multitude of problems that they have in their hands.

Today, despite the massive destruction, death and displacement, Somalia’s savagery, madness and mayhem has yet to end. And sorry, the whole world is perplexed by the enormity of the crimes committed by Somalis against their brethren despite being the sole homogeneous society of black Africa. It is sad that for Somalis, to be civil is to be pathetic and weak and to be savage and score points against others is might and power!

Call it luck, misfortune though I call it, however, that currently over half of a million Somalis live across the globe; of course many as refugees but many also as naturalized citizens and their children. And had it not been the remittances of these to their loved ones back home, most of those at home would have possibly years ago perished too.

On the Gadabursi front, as far as the Somali civil war is concerned, call it weakness, spinelessness or cowardice if you may, but the Gadabursis are one of the few Somali tribes that are relatively safe from the massive Somali civil war, death and destruction. And in my view, the sole reason was because, they remained calm and cautious and refused anger, hate or emotions decide their future and fate. To me that is smartness, not cowardice! And it is super intelligence, not damn idiocy!

Awdalians, in the real world, using your emotions as your guide during difficult times is a recipe for disaster. And using your mind during such times is the only way you may be safe of any debacles you have in hand. And yes, panicking when it is between life and death is purely silly and mindlessness!

On the contrary, using your intelligence is what is necessary during such times because man is an intelligent animal. And it is only through the use of his mind that he had realized his dreams; it is also through the use of his creative mind that he had tamed the whole universe and uses toward innovations and successes!

Friends, for most Somalis, Awdal is civil, progressive and deserves to be copied. It is the birth place of the grand muftis’, the Somali balwo (songs), the wilwile, the xoogweyn, the dhaanto and the zeilici. And in short, it is the home of THAT COOL community whose intellect refuses to talk the talking and prefers to walk the walking. And don’t you forget that Awdal is also the pioneer of co-education and the self help schemes and that is why, today, Borama, the capital city of the region, is a university city known across the globe thanks to the foresight and sacrifices of its communities!

Unfortunately, of late, some of Awdal’s great qualities seem to be eroding and at stake as some people are employing tactics that are alien to Awdal. Friends, it has never been our culture to shout to achieve our goals. It has never been our culture to act as cry babies. And it is has never been our culture to be selfish and opportunistic and accordingly put our interests before equally suffering families and friends. Rather, we are known to be a fair community that teaches that quality to others hoping them to do likewise but often finds none and in the process is disappointed yet never gives up. We are known to be inclusive and we are known to be THAT COOL community that always takes the road less traveled by most.

So, today, we cannot afford to jeopardize those great qualities that Awdal stood for, preached and practiced for centuries. And we cannot afford to copy the mistakes of others especially at this time when all Somalis are possibly ready to recover from their long trauma and are willing to forget the past and forgive one another!

Friends, the frustrations of the young generation and hence their copying of what their counterparts are doing elsewhere is justified and understandable because naturally the youth lives in an ideal world where one loves to achieve his/her dreams at whatever cost. But the behavior of the old guard is meaningless and unjustified because education, age and experience should teach them to differentiate the right from the wrong.

Folks, as humans we can and should always differ on ideas and opinions or else we are no humans. And true it is the looking of things from different perspectives that progress is made. And true that as humans, we must explore and we must be creative. But we must also accommodate the views of others because that is how innovations begin, creativity is nurtured and results are produced!

Friends, without doubt, it is worth to learn from creation as there are countless similarities, differences and contrasts in nature. That is nature manifests itself in dualities that are contrasting and in the process that complement one another. The day for instance, is in direct contrast to the night. The heat and the cold exist in contrasting duality. And so do life and death. There is the male and female contrasting duality, the love and the hate contrasting duality, the health and the sickness contrasting duality, the scarcity and the abundance contrasting duality. And remarkably without these contrasts life would be meaningless, monotonous and boring. We need to differ on opinions because that is the spices of the whole life and the essence of living!

And in short, it is only through concessions, accommodation and respect of the views of others, that we gain more from one another! Is it not strange therefore, that we, Awdalians, call ourselves as intellectuals and yet fail to respect our different views? Is it not unfair that we distort the words of those who we disagree with by taking their statements out of their context with the intention of spreading ugly personality assassination stories about them?

Awdalians, let us come to the facts and ask: What does Awdal need?

And what can we, as its overseas people, do to help?

My fellow Awdalians, Awdal cries for:

  1. Its overseas intellectuals to volunteer by teaching their communities back home what they have learned first-hand from the developed world so that their (people) lives improves.
  2. Entrepreneurs who invest their mind, muscle and money and accordingly, exploit Awdal’s natural resources… the proven mineral resources, the livestock and agriculture potentials, the fishing industry, the IT technology, the trade industry etc.
  3. The return of its brain: overseas Awdal community is awash with international caliber scholars in every field …the doctors; the engineers; the CPA’s; the scientists; the journalists; the diplomats; the water and sanitation professionals; the livestock experts; the lawyers and the world-class nurses etc.
  4. Huge sacrifices in every field so that the Region catches up with its counterparts across the globe.
  5. Winning the fight against poverty, ignorance, and against all the diseases that destroy its people
  6. Overseas men and women who give hope to the youth whose future is bleak and as a result throw themselves into the unknown and die in the high seas of North Africa or the Red Sea.
  7. Businessmen and women who come together and put together their resources and generate jobs for the community so that our people can earn their legitimate daily bread and once again lead a decent life.

But certainly, Awdal does not need any help from overseas Awdalians when it comes to politics because political decisions should remain in the hands of those who suffer and sacrifice and what road they take is certainly theirs to choose! And Awdal does not need empty political rhetorics from people who live thousands of miles away and know little of the lives and needs of its people.

By Noah Arre

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