Press Release – TLC Reaffirms its Founding Principles

Press   Release – TLC Reaffirms its Founding Principles

MINNEAPOLIS, U. S. A, APRIL 23, 2011–From time to time, the Tol Leadership Council (TLC) would bring out a press release to highlight a topic(s) of concern or interest. And in this press release, the TLC aims to:

  1. Reaffirm our founding principle that the history, the present, and the future of the people of the region of Somaliland are tightly intertwined. That is, as their pasts are undeniably interlaced, so are their contemporary lives and the fate of the generations to come equally interdependent.

Protecting and nurturing these rich complexities of co-existence, require from all communities to:

  1. Maximize diligent mutuality and prudence that constantly build on the markers of a civic order and a lasting peace: truth, justice, freedom, and competence, and
  2. Minimize any pernicious ”othering” which, inevitably, breeds repugnance and antagonistic fragmentation.

The paramountcy of the first ennobles the living as well as makes the future glisten with hope to limit, if not overcome, the cruel afflictions of hunger, disease and other elements of underdevelopment; the latter mutilates the past and the present and then impoverishes the coming years.

  1. Respectfully remind the authorities in Hargeisa that the Gadaboursi community has some serious and objective concerns that necessitate URGENT   and RESOLUTE attention. These include:
  • A fair distribution of senior portfolios of the legislative, executive and administrative bodies of the government.
  • A judicious ruling of land ownership in specific disputed locations.
  • A speedy investigation and subsequent trial and persecution of those found responsible for the murder, on July 11, 2009, of the innocent citizens who were traveling along the public road between Hargeisa and Borama.
  • An equitable sharing of international (particularly NGO activities) material and intellectual presence in the country.

If these important items are not addressed at the highest levels and in good

time, the alienation of the Gadaboursi community is bound to get deeper.

  1. Urge members of the TOL around the world to pay serious attention to this eternal and inescapable balance: the full right to peacefully speak ones mind YET fulfill the heavy responsibility of avoiding hasty and poorly thought out acts. For likely implications of the latter are, at minimum, the onsets of internal confusion or antipathies that often lead to factionalism and self-inflicted collective disempowerment. This, in turn, damages the possibilities of progressive civic intimacy with other communities.

D.  Reassert that the TLC’s overarching mission is to facilitate the convening of a Grand Community Convention to be held in Borama in December 2011. The preparations for that project are in motion. The main purpose would be to construct a civic-minded, competent, inclusive, united and sustainable leadership.

About TLC:

The Tol Leadership Council (TLC), founded by a group of concerned scholars, professionals and community leaders of the Gadaboursi kin (hereafter referred to by the traditional name Tol ) held on April1-3, 2010 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, with the vision to organize Tol in the Horn of Africa and around the world that is united; prosperous; at peace with itself and its neighbors; and able to effectively advance and safeguard the common social, economic, and human rights of its people.

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