Obama Not to Blame for Economy; 3 Investments that Pay


Dear Reader,

I’m always amazed by the number of people who flock to the doomsday pundits blaming Obama and Bernanke for America’s woes.

In my opinion, they can have their gold bars, silver, and underground bunkers along with their canned food and Glenn Beck reruns (they’ll become collectors’ items soon).

Politics aside, I’m personally thankful for them and their herd mentality.

All their “running for the hills” gives me a better opportunity to buy my favorite stocks on the cheap . . . the same stocks that have given me a 16 percent annual return for the last 20 years, and the exact same stocks that allowed me, and thousands of other investors, to pocket MILLIONS!

If you want to see how I did it, click here.

In fact, I retired at just 42, and the income from my portfolio pays for all my living expenses.

And no, I wasn’t a trust-fund baby and didn’t use any risky trading strategy to reach my goal. Quite the contrary. I’m a small-town Ohio accountant who happened to stumble upon a simple forgotten secret to investing. You won’t believe how easy it is . . . anyone can use it.

In fact, if you watch this presentation now, I will give you my 3 “guaranteed stocks” that you can purchase today!

Watch the presentation by clicking here.


Bill Spetrino

Retired Professional Investor

P.S. Thousands of people are already following my advice and reaping the benefits. Just listen to what they have to say!

  • Since investing in Bill’s ideas, I feel much better about my decisions, since he also puts his money where his mouth is. — Russ Y., Tampa Bay, Fla.
  • I currently have 11 positions recommended by this publication; all are in positive territory. — Margaret B., Richmond, Va.
  • I have found that most people are either too lazy or intimidated to grab their lives by the horns and get control. I’m glad that I did. Thank you, Bill, for a wonderful service. — Jon H., Salem, Mass.

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