Obama: Most People Know I Was Born in Hawaii

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Obama: Most People Know I Was Born in Hawaii
WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama says Republicans who are sowing doubts about whether he is American-born may gain politically in the short term by playing to their constituencies but will have trouble when the general election rolls around.
Obama says that’s because most people are confident that he was born where he says he was — in Hawaii — and are more worried about gasoline prices and unemployment than conspiracy theories or birth certificates.
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The president spoke Thursday in an interview with ABC News.
State officials long have certified that Obama was born in Hawaii. But Donald Trump, the real estate tycoon and possible GOP presidential candidate, has revived questions about Obama’s place of birth.
Obama says Republican efforts to go after him in a politically expedient way create problems for them.
During a fund-raising appearance Thursday at Chicago’s Navy Pier, Reuters reports, Obama ribbed conservative claims that he was not born in the United States.
“I wasn’t born here,” Obama said. And after a pause while the crowd of 2,300 laughed, he added: “Just want to be clear, I was born in Hawaii.”
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