Gadabursi Diaspora Committee: A Position Letter to the Ethiopian Government

Gadabursi Diaspora Committee: A Position Letter to the Ethiopian Government

April 15, 2011

To:       Hon. Hailemariam Desalegn,

            Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister,

            Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

cc:        H.E. Meles Zinawe, Prime Minister, Addis Ababa,

Hon. Shiferaw Teklemariam, Minister of Federal Affairs, Addis Ababa

            Hon. Ali Omer Alale, Member of Parliament, Addis Ababa

            Mr. Abdi Mohamud Omar, President, SRS, Jigjiga

            Gadabursi Elders, Addis Ababa, Awbarre, Jigjiga & Danbal

            Gadabursi Diaspora, Canada

Sub:     Gadabursi Community in Eastern Ethiopia wants fairness, equity and inclusiveness

Your Excellency,

We, the Gadabursi community in the Diaspora, Canada, would like to join our elders, traditional leaders, intellectuals and community at large in the  Awbarre, Dire Dawa and Danbal districts by voicing our concerns and demanding fairness, equity and inclusiveness from the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and from the K5 government.

WHEREAS there are over half a million people are living in the Gadabursi populated areas of Awbarre and Danbal districts and are represented by ONE member at the federal parliament;

WHEREAS the K5 government excluded us from equal representation at all levels of administrations in the Somali populated areas, including the recent increase of 15 districts and government appointments;

WHEREAS our community has traditionally been and continues to be an important and core constituent of the peace and development loving people of Ethiopia and the region;


WHEREAS our elders and traditional leaders have decided to reject oppression and discrimination of all sorts and to promote peace, justice, fairness, equity and inclusiveness, and


WHEREAS the Gadabursi population in Eastern Ethiopia has fully met all the conditions, qualifications and eligibility criteria of Regional State as per Article 45 (1) of the Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and as set precedent by Afar and Harar Regional States;

We, the Gadabursi Diaspora in Canada, Ontario, Canada THEREFORE, declare the following:

  1.  We fully support the positions taken by 30 members of our community leaders, including traditional chiefs, elders, and youth, demanding a Regional State under the constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia;


  1. We fully support the positions taken by our community leaders by demanding fair distribution of resources and development projects; i.e. water supplies, education, health care, infrastructure and community services; and


  1. We hereby unconditionally and unambiguously support and promote the peaceful coexistence, fair representation at all level of administrations, national and regional securities and good neighbourly relations with our fellow citizens of this great nation of Ethiopia.


We look forward to your favourable consideration of our request and look forward to hearing from you positively  through our leaders in the region.

Gadabursi Diaspora Committee


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