A moment with a chat addicted working class somali youth

A moment with a chat addicted Somali working class youth in the Horn
Chat is commonly used in all of East Africa and has both economic, social and personal impact on most Somalis but I want to share with the readers on how it takes the pernicious time of Somali youth in the Horn of Africa countries including Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya and How the Day starts with those who are addicted to this narcotic leave.
My observations are confined to only the working class of Somali youth for it is not that much important to discuss the situation of the jobless as it has already taken their whole time.
Most of the youth I have observed are graduates of some Universities and Colleges and are working for different governmental organizations and NGOS. Early in the morning everybody goes to his office and  at 12:00pm the cell phones ring repeatedly and you will hear from the colleagues beside you about the appointments on where to sit together For the Ijabana before it Reaches 2:00 pm where we all return back to offices. Chewing ijabana is only common for those who are more addicted and are not able to come back to job in the afternoon if they do not chew some bundles of chat after lunch.
They come together after lunch and sit for chewing for an hour and then leave for offices. They are all freaked, sweating from tip to toe, their eyes are wide open and they will tell you that they became over active to finish all the office works as soon as possible, as they enter the gate of the office they warmly great the watchman at the gate and then say Hello to all the staff of the office for they chat chewers come late.
It is at time to pray the ASAR Sallat and most of the staff is leaving for the mosque. The chat chewer is not leaving to the mosque because he has been to the toilet three times and water may not always be available in the office. He says to himself and to others that he will pray as soon as he leaves the office but as usual he will sit for chat and start another long time of chewing until late night.
The most interesting part of the story happens on weekends and as it is free for the whole day, the telephone calls start early in the morning by asking each other where to sit and discuss the events of last week. But what is also interesting is that there are some of the youth who chew chat only on weekends and it is those who coordinate the whole activity of the day.
The daily chewers say that they have not much interest for the day as they chew the whole week, so the weekend chewers have a good appetite in mobilizing others and taking appointments from all friends
The arrival starts after lunch and all came together mostly and as usual the number of friends that sit together does not exceed seven for it will be boring if more number of friends come together.
The discussion starts and the speech is taken by one of the weekend chewers to ask others to update the group about the events of last week and to the surprise of all the topics under discussion are too wide and more diverse. The hot topics being debated are From the Revolution in Tunisia and Egypt to the political influence of America on the whole world, why the clan of Mr. X want to dominate the clan of Mr. Y, America was not correct to invade Iraq, the standoff in Ivory Coast and life in the west and much more are discussed with no clear conclusions and anybody new to this kind of discussion will surely assume that the issue is more than a simple gathering but as if there is war of words and conflict among them.
This is how the whole day is passed , but what is also need to be mentioned here is the economic loss of the chat , the expense for one day to an average person ranges from 7 to 12 US Dollars ,that is too much to any person in the horn of Africa.
I remember as a student in the University that some of my friends had the habit of chewing chat when reading in the dormitory, it is widely believed by university students that chewing chat helps in the quick understanding of the course under discussion but all will tell you that whatever read will evaporate in the next morning and commence things from scratch in the next day.
Chat chewing is known to create hallucination that leads to the creation of more exaggerated ideas that will not sustain a day let alone its execution.
The bad image that colleagues paste on the profile of the chat addicts is also a destruction to the personal quality and damage the whole good image a chewer have among his comrades.
My worry lies on the economic loss of chat and the undeniable personal damage that left most of Somali youth in a very devastating situation, but I want to share with the readers that have got firsthand experience on chat related problems to share their knowledge and forward remedies that may save many youth from this addiction.    
Hussien Mohamed Yusuf

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