Awdal Achievement Award Nominations 2010

Amoud Foundation of Dallas is now accepting nominations for the 2010 Awdal Achievement Award through March 1, 2011. This award is given each year to a deserving individual, group, or organization that made a significant contribution to the welfare and progress of their community. We believe that there are many unsung heroes out there who did so much for their community without asking for anything in return. We may never reach all of them, but recognizing even one of them is worth the effort.

Submissions must give a brief description of the reasons why one thinks the nominee(s) deserve(s) recognition. Information about specific contributions made to the community by the nominee(s) will be very helpful. So, if you know someone who deserves recognition for selfless community service, this is the time to tell their story and say thank you.

Please submit your nominations to Amoud Foundation For more information about the history of the AAA Award and prior recipients, visit


Amoud Foundation Management

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