African Leaders urged to honour the choice of Southern Sudanese

Juba- Journalists For African Renaissance JAR’s President  Mrs. Muha Daahir Farah has called on African leaders to honour the choice of the South Sudanese people when the referendum results are announced.

Farah urged African leaders to bring peace to the Sudanese people by respecting the outcome of the referendum. “If South Sudan voted for a new state or unity, it has to be respected for the sake of peace and human lives,” she said in an interview.
“The speech in which Kerry said South Sudan is capable of ruling itself will be highly honoured by the African Union (AU) following the wonderful referendum exercise the Government of Southern Sudan arranged within five years,” Farah said.

She said it was pleasing to see the high turnout of voters at every polling centre in Juba. “The high voter turnout since the start of the referendum has shown clearly that the South Sudanese people want secession rather than the unity of the country.

Farah advised the Sudanese people to prioritize the stability of the country and to resolve the outstanding issue of Abyei amicably and in a responsible way so that Sudanese citizen can enjoy peace in their country.

She assured the South Sudanese people that the government of Somaliland is ready to cooperate with the Government of Southern Sudan (GoSS) and to lend a hand if necessary.

The JAR President called for strong bilateral relations between the two countries, should Southern Sudan become an independent state – so that the Sudanese people can enjoy peace.

Farah said she would report on the referendum and what she observed at the African Union summit on the 20th of this month.

She congratulated the GoSS President for the successful referendum and expressed her gratitude to all the South Sudanese people, GoSS officials and the Government of National Unity for having conducted the referendum on time and in a well-organized manner.

Farah also expressed her appreciation for the referendum coverage by local and international journalists and asked them to continue in the same spirit until the exercise is accomplished.


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