Urgent Appeal To Somali Canadians

Dear Friends,
For so long, the Alberta Ministry of Children and Youth Services have totally failed to take the religious and cultural values of Canadian Somali children when placing them in foster care. The children have been totally stripped of their culture and due to this, they have developed severe behavioural problems. The response of the officials to this problem has been to over medicate these children. While there is evidence of physical abuse, currently they are also suffering psychologically and they need an immediate intervention to prevent further damage. The community has also been refused numerous requests to visit the children.
We’re requesting your help in assisting these Canadian Somali children and their families. Please write a letter to the Alberta Minister of Children and Youth Services, sign the petition that is attached to this email and send it to the minister. Our campaign’s success depends on your participation, your commitment, and your ongoing support. We also ask that you write letters to each Member of the Legislature Assembly of Province of Alberta, informing them about the suffering of these children. The contact information for the Minister as well as the member of the Alberta legislature can be found on the flyer that is attached to this email. Take Action Today.
For further information, please contact:
Alberta Somali Community Center (ASCC)
#202, 10212 – 127 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta T5E 0B8
T 780 940 3456
F 780 472 6697
E somali1@telus.net


Canadian Somali CongressTel: 613-979-3422
Email: canadiansomalicongress@gmail.com
Website: www.canadiansomalicongress.com

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