Ogaysiis Muhiim ah oo ka yimid Gudoomiyaha Hay’ada Caalamiga ah ee Amoud Foundation,Mudane:Cigaal


For Education and Development

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November 26, 2010

 Press Release

 Sheikh Gyasi Mckinzie joins Amoud Foundation as Executive Director

 Amoud Foundation is pleased to announce the hiring of Sheikh Gyasi Mckinzie as its Executive Director effective December 1, 2010.

Sheikh Mckinzie brings a wealth of knowledge and experience; he holds advanced degrees in Islamic and theological studies from Islamic University at Madinah,

Vanderbilt University, and the Hartford Seminary; he is a proven Islamic community builder with over 10 years of experience as an Imam, Youth Director, Chaplain,

and teacher, providing leadership to Islamic institutions and communities.

Please join us in welcoming Sheikh Mckinzie to Amoud Foundation and to the larger Muslim community of North Texas.

Amoud Foundation Board of Directors


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