Awbarre High School: between today and yesterday –part II

Awbarre High School: between today and yesterday –part II
It was three years from now when I wrote an article on the deteriorating situation of awbarre high school. I reiterated that an immediate action was needed to strengthen the academic performance of the students that in a very critical situation.
As a former graduate of the school I felt how badly the school has lost its leadership role when it comes to national school leaving examination. Awbarre high school graduates are well known in all the different Universities of the country for their smart performance in all fields of study.
The school has produced thousands of qualified professionals of diverse fields of specialization that are dispersed and employed by Government institutions and NGOs in the Region. The largest numbers of teachers are from awbarre high schools and serve at all districts of Somali Region.
It will not be a surprise to see many school teachers in all the 52 districts of the region since they are known to be good at teaching. There are Diaspora communities that are involved in supporting schools of their respective Zones and districts that hire teachers from awbarre high school graduates that have earned their degrees and Diplomas in education.
Qorahey Education Foundation is one example that has helped high school students to achieve and score high grades in the leaving examination and this has resulted in that most or all of the students from Qorehey schools have earned marks that will allow them to join to universities.
Awbarre high school which is known to be a role model in the region is now in a very bad situation. The students perform badly in the leaving examinations while former graduates of the school who earned all that fame for the school are plenty in number but are reluctant to take any measure in helping the school cope with the current low performance in the exams.
I attended more than three graduation ceremonies since I graduated from the school nine years ago, to my dismay not more than ten students got pass marks to pursue their studies at higher institutions.  The school is now well equipped , it has a library, more books and to the surprise of all the teaching system is through satellite plasma where the student at awbarre and Addis Ababa take the same lesson from the same teacher.
Teachers of the school are former students of the school and are graduates of Universities but all that worked against the students in that the performance of students is getting from bad to worse.
In the years when I was a student there, Teachers were brought from other regions and let alone books and library there were not school chairs and we used to sit on three parallel wooden poles that were attached by nails but 45 of the fifty students in my class passed with flying colors that allowed them to attend at colleges and Universities in the country.
So, I want to put forward again to the former graduates of the school and to the community at large to urgently intervene and take immediate action in assessing why the quality of education has deteriorated
The former graduates of the school should take the lead in the efforts to reassess and improve the teaching learning situation of the school with the help of parents and District Education Office.
Hussien Mohamed Yusuf

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