An Open Letter to Local and Overseas Somaliland IntellectualsBy Noah Arre

An Open Letter to Local and Overseas Somaliland Intellectuals!

By Noah Arre

Dear Somaliland Intellectuals,

 I would like to send my warmest greetings to you, to President-elect, Mr. Ahmed Silaayo and to Somaliland public as a whole hoping the best for all. I would also like to thank our people for voting peacefully and against all odds!

 Secondly, my dear Somaliland intellectuals let us talk the talk, let us address the facts and let call a spade a spade. It is a fact that Somaliland is not even in the Third World. It is not even in the Fifth World. It is in the nth World. So, its youth, in the hope of realizing a dream, dies in the high seas. It is also a fact that our people die like insects in droves and from simple and curable diseases that have long time ago been eradicated from everywhere in this global village!

 For instance, it is true but sad that our people drink untreated and human/animal waste contaminated water even though dirty water has been proven to be a DEADLY DRINK!……an area where Somalilanders like me have a valuable expertise…refer to ( It is also true that hundreds of thousands of our people struggle to make the daily bread. And it is equally true that 50% if not more of our people in every corner of Somaliland (not only in your village and not only in mine) may never get a decent meal for the whole day! And amazingly, they still maintain peace and tranquility!

 This is unbelievable! This is amazing and this is interesting though it is of course heart-breaking! My dear Somaliland intellectuals, can we walk the walk? And can we talk the talk? And can we do the doing? Who are OUR people waiting for?

 My dear  friends, many of you would automatically put all blame squarely on the shoulders of President Rayale and his administration, but do not be surprised if the real answer lies elsewhere too!

 Agree, President Rayale could have done better because if more national self-reliance sacrifices were made for the past nineteen years, Somaliland could have taken long strides toward development. But it is equally true that Somaliland intellectuals did not do their fair share and are therefore equally to blame! For one thing, sadly dozens if not hundreds spent the past decade roaring over the internet and spitting venom on President Rayale and for the other, many did nothing more than cursing his administration! What a shame!!

 But now that we have a new administration, now that a new dawn has begun for Somaliland, now that OUR people have again proven they honor peace with hunger over turmoil, let us wait and see if those of you who roar like wolfs shut your mouths and do your fair share of national sacrifices or not!

 But please let us remember one thing: In kastoo nin gees ihi rag u geed adayg yahay, haddaan garabka lala qaban guri oodimaayee! And whether we give heed to this wisdom and bold and patriotically act or again resort to putting the blame on poor Somaliland and its people and administration for NOT doing this or that remains to be seen!………waaba la isbaraneeey!

 By Noah Arre

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