Again, Somaliland Beats all Odds

Recently, a friend asked me as to why I do no longer sing for Somaliland as I had been a known and staunch supporter of Somaliland, who regularly posts articles on the websites but who has not done so lately. That friend of mine sarcastically said “you are an unknown soldier; one who is willing to go the distance for nothing, but I guarantee you that Somaliland will fall and with it you will!;  just look what happened at Kalabaydh and the ugly slaughter there, mark my words!”

And although I did not like his comments, it seems that there was some truth in what he accused me of because I had truly put nothing of substance on Somaliland website lately. So, I gave him no response! And the facts behind my silence was that I had lately had big doubts as to whether Somaliland would survive the social, economic and environmental catastrophes it had been going through for over 19 long and lonely years!

True, Somaliland seemed faltering as the world community of governments closed their doors to poor Somaliland and refused to make business with it let alone recognize it and accordingly support it morally or materially. In addition to that Somaliland people refused to stand for nothing other than worshipping tribalism. And all one could hear or read about Somaliland was: “haddaan nahay, bah weynta reer hebel aqbali mayno; haddaan ahay suldaanka guud ee reer hebel yeelimayno, haddaan ahay boqorka guud ee reer hebel dhagaysanmaayo…. etc.” And certainly, bombardments like these would make anyone give up all hope when sadly even Somaliland intellectuals preferred fomenting over national guidance!

But now that Somaliland comes against all odds by peacefully voting for a change; now that newly elected president Silanyo delivers his first HIGH CALIBER acceptance speech (which I CAREFULLY listened), now that president Rayale delivers his GREAT farewell speech and HONORABLY bows out of power, it gives me hope and therefore would like to send the following congratulatory message to the following and in the process give an indirect ridiculing answer to my ALWAYS cynical friend:

First, my warm congratulations go to President Rayale for honorably accepting the outcome of the vote and calling the nation to unite behind the new leadership… and of course relinquishing power in Africa  is a rarely commodity…. excerpts “With honor and hard work, against all odds, we did our best to serve Somaliland…. And since the chair belongs to all Somaliland, we are here to accept the outcome and welcome the new leadership to take rein…..; But we hope that Somaliland remains Somaliland, united…. We hope success for Somaliland and we hope Somaliland never looks back but goes the distance…..” Congratulations Mr. President. You proved you are honorable and your integrity is unquestionably great!


Second: My warm congratulations go to President elect Ahmed Silanyo and would like to say to him: “Mr. President, welcome to RESPONSIBILITY…..your acceptance speech is supper and marvelous. I hope you deliver those promises at least honestly and to the best of your ability. I hope you give heed to your people’s call.

Mr. President, please know that the ball is in your court.  I hope you do not fumble it! I hope you make many touchdowns by making Somaliland strong, united and caring for all. I hope you bring a SMALL competent cabinet which you constantly coach ensuring the job is done. I hope you loudly and firmly come against those whose tribal interests are supreme and adamantly refuse to abide by Somaliland law. I hope you will never accept Somaliland split into tribal fiefdoms each of which is bent to destroy its neighbor. I hope your administration apprehends criminals many of who are at large and bring them to court of law.

And last but not least, Mr. President, I urge you to use the Diaspora plenty of who are highly educated and many of who are willing to save the nation at whatever cost. Please establish an office for them and urge them to contribute toward the national rebuilding and I am one who is willing to do his share.

Third: my warm congratulations go to the National Electoral Commission. To them I must say loudly and clearly that Somaliland was lucky to have them. They proved they are honorable, patriotic at least to the best of their ability and with integrity they delivered though that does not mean they are flawless and balancing was not perfect. But thanks for serving the nation.

Fourth: My last but not least congratulations go to Somaliland people. And I would like to thank them for taking the courage and the will to vote; vote peacefully, fully determined to reach their goal. And apart from occasional stupid clan-sick-psychos actions, the Somaliland public’s respect of law and order is something that is unwavering. It is also amazing that the public refused the threats of those so-called Islamists who preach and practice an Islam that we do not know and an Islam that is alien to our culture. I dare say to you (the public) thank you for believing and abiding by the tolerate Islam that we knew and practiced centuries! And lastly, long live Somaliland whose great people accepts and practices tolerant Islam!

But to those of you who care, I dare say, Somaliland needs you badly. It is time you…the Diasporas come back home to make the difference that our people badly needs. But it is time that, together we repudiate the preaching of those sick self-proclaimed tribal writers who roar from across the globe…both home and overseas fomenting hate. And it is time you, the Diasporas sacrifice to move the country forward!

 Noah Arre

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