The Differences Between The presidential Candidates: By A Political Observer

Our voters have the right to know what separates the President from his adversaries. Today I want to give you the difference in the personal traits or temperament of the three candidates. The two opposition presidential candidates have a lot in common; but the President has nothing in common with them. Where I consider the President as a moderate, they are on the extreme side of things. Where the President goes on the middle of the road; they go on side of the road. The President likes to meet his adversaries halfway; they like to meet him on their side. I see the government’s performance for the last six years as a success story; they see it as a sad story.

The President whole-heartily supports the independence of Somaliland; for them it is a game of political convenience.  The President will support whoever is elected as President; their support is conditional on being elected.

The President sees Somaliland fast moving forwards; they see Somaliland fast moving backward. The President sees Somaliland as an oasis of stability and peace; they see Somaliland as inherently unstable. The President count our blessings, they count our miseries.

The President counts the government’s successes and achievements; they count the government failures. The President counts on our people to solve our problems; they count on other people to solve our problems.

The President believes supporting our government will strengthen our position vis-à-vis the world community. They believe opposing our government will strengthen our standing in the world community. They see the press gagged;

The President sees the government gagged. The President sees recognition of Somaliland as a collective responsibility; they see it as President’s responsibility. The President weighs his words; they don’t weigh their words.

The President believes our people want to hear good news; they believe our people want to hear bad news. The President likes to spread truth and hope; they like to spread hate and doom.

The President likes to take his wife on all mission; they like to leave their wives behind on all missions and faraway countries.

The President believes the way to success is only through the right path; they believe all roads leading to the presidential palace are justified. The President’s Party is inclusive; their Parties are exclusive and parochial.

The President’s Party is composed of likeminded people; their Parties are convenient alliance for unlike minded group of people who have nothing in common. For the President West Somaliland meets the East; for them West and East Somaliland shall never meet. Compromise is the preferred president’s method of solving problems; confrontation is their way of solving problems.

The President likes Somaliland to stand tall in the realm of nations; they like Somaliland to stand short in the realm of nations.  The President has one nationality; they have multiple nationalities.

The President lived all his life in Somaliland; they lived most their adult life outside Somaliland. The President gained a hell of experience in running the affairs of this nation; they gained a lot of experience in opposing our government.

The President likes continuity in running the government; they like disruption in running the government. When you ask them why do they do what they do; their answer is, unequivocally, in the name of democracy and opposition. But the million dollar question is; is democracy and opposition against this nation?

Mohamed Hassan


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