Talk about serious…. There is no alternative to Rayaale….

My dear readers please allow me to remind you two important things before I go further. It is the 11th day of the month. The day we remember the innocent citizens who were slaughtered in the road between Dilla and Borama by the criminals (dadqalato) for no apparent reason. Fadlan aammiin ila dhaha inaga oo u ducaynayna;

Illaaha qaadirii naxariistii jano haka waraabiyo.

Illaaha qaadirii Dunuubtooda ha dhaafo

Illaha qaadirii qabuurahooga ha u iftiimiyo hana u waasiciyo.

AAMMIINN yaa Rabul Caalimiin.

Secondly, please be reminded that of the three presidential candidates, it was Siilaanyo who crossed the line and justified the slaughtering and sided with the criminals (dadqalato).

Having said that, it is presidential campaign time in Somaliland, and there are as we know three candidates to choose from. How do you pick the right one?

There are less than 15 days to think of who is the right President for our country. The one that is capable of the position and the one that is very much competent in dealing with the nations prominent problems. It is time to pause and think because the future of our nation depends much on our choices.

Choosing the right political party and presidential candidate is not as easy as saying so. If we are concerned enough on our nation’s future, we have to choose it right. It’s best to have a clear understanding of how to select a party and a presidential candidate.

It is important to analyze the existing parties policies based on the past and the current issues. Understanding the basics behind the parties is essential to throw the support to the right party.

It is appropriate to choose a presidential candidate that is competent enough in dealing with our nation’s poverty-stricken economy, lack of security, lack of employment opportunities, corruption, rapid growth of odious crimes against the Samaroons and the unending poverty on most of our fellow citizens. And so I did without bias.

I have gone through a list of many issues which I thought important to Somaliland’s future to choose the stance I would prefer in a president and a party.  There were important things to include in my decision and a ton of minor things to leave. But two issues stood out of the list; Honesty of the candidates and inclusion policies of the parties.

I studied and analyzed how the candidates view those issues generally.  I then broadened my scope and determined how the candidates view our communities, and of course our regions Awdal and Salal in regards to the issues. I carefully analysed where the parties stand on social, developmental and economical issues in regards to Awdal and Salal.

Where ever you go, the talk is the election and the debate is on. The famous question is who a person supports and which party is good for the republic.

I was asked many times which party I support and who is the candidate I chose to support. I am not a fan of any of the parties but as they say “Do what the Romans do”, I decided to throw my support on how I see fit. Which in fact I saw it better than watching the game on the side and contributing nothing. By doing so, I know the least I can do is to deny the wrong candidate to get what he does not deserve – my support.

Today, I hereby expose on whom I would cast my support. This might shock some people but believe me keeping in mind the interest of Awdal and Salal I analyzed the issues and made the decision.

I have chosen to entrust my support to the current president Mr. Dahir Rayaale Kaahin because he has more experience, capacity, ability, competency and capability to rule Somaliland than the other candidate of the major opposition party Mr. Siilaanyo. 

Why I chose Rayaale over other presidential candidates?

I chose him simply because I see a stable future in Somaliland with Rayaale than with Siilaanyo. For Siilanyo, he was pulled down with incidents that most people doubt on his honesty and integrity. He was also proved in many instances that he cannot be trusted and relied upon. In other words, he is more a destroyer than a builder, good in dividing people than uniting. And our young republic does not need a man who will destroy what little we have achieved so far. Somaliland needs a peace maker not a chaos creator.

My dear reader, if you just pause for a minute and remind yourself the many policies of Kulmiye as exposed by many party officers, you will see an unstable Somaliland with Siilaanyo. Check out just one of the polices;

“Anigoo wax dili kara duco qaadan maayo ee waa inoo dagaal..”Biixi

For god sake, is that a party to trust to lead? You be the judge. Well, all I want to say is this:

Intay gooro goor tahay ha la iska mooso daadka soo socda.

For Faisal, he has uncertain disposition on some matters that reflect on how he would properly deal with perplex principle-related issues. His statements always cause puzzle and mental confusion, a sign which shows unpreparedness to the position.

Although Rayaale himself has his own weaknesses, numerous mishandlings and missteps of countless matters, the lack of an alternative along with his prudent concepts would take him into the next term. And so I believe. Let us just say that Rayaale is indeed the known Presidential candidate that can be dealt with easier than the unknown devil candidate of the major opposition party – Siilaanyo.

Kulmiye Party; “Waa loo dhashaaye looma dhuunto”

I did not support Kulmiye before and will not support now. The fact of the matter is and I am not alone in this thinking, Kulmiye is not a party of all. Many Somalilanders believe that it is a party of some. It is not inclusive and that can be proved by the saying which pops out of our minds whenever the word Kulmiye is heard;

“Kulmiye waa loo dhashaaye looma dhuunto”;

This philosophy is one which almost all the top officers of the party believe in. It exposes the true triblistic attitudes of the party members and their dislike towards the others. Kulmiye memberships are intended for a tribe and make no mistake about it; all others are believed to be trespassers and as tradition dictates, Biixi will soon fold sleeves and issue fine tickets to the imitators. Well, trespassing is trespassing; he has all the right to ticket the intruders – no exception to the Kulmiye rule.

Another point of why I don’t support Kulmiye is the fact that it is the party of the hidden agendas. It is the party of the arrogant SNM policies and that is what makes the party smell criminal. A party which favours the criminal policies of the SNM cannot be given the mandate to govern a republic formed in tribal confederacy.  Somalilanders cannot afford to go into a chaos again and re-adapt the atmosphere of hate which came along with the SNM people after Afweyne.

Remember the Ceelbardaale affairs? The illegal trial to rob innocent citizens from their land of centuries was created, encouraged and financed by Kulmiye as we all know. The Ceelbardaale-gate pulled down Siilaanyo and exposed the real intentions in his heart and created Somalilanders doubt on his honesty and integrity.

Also remember when the unarmed innocent citizens were kidnapped and slaughtered in the road between Dilla and Gabiley. It was Siilaanyo who supported the “dadqalato.” Remember the answer he gave to the BBC Somali journalist when asked about the incident and he linked the ill-timed criminal act with the Ceelbardaale affairs with no mercy. His remarks reflected what he truly has in his heart.

As far as Awdal and Salal are concerned all that recent incidents should be in our hearts always and hence must not allow Siilaanyo to be the president of the land who will doubtlessly dictate chaos and preferential treatment to some.  We must not support his party which is the other side of the SNM coin.

Well, although Rayaale’s administration did not do anything about the incidents up-to-date and the criminals are enjoying life in their home land, for sure matters could have been a lot worse if Siilaanyo was the president (God forbid). An imminent affect would have been a civil war at the least.

It should be clear to us now before it is too late that if he is given the mandate to rule the land, the same drama will come back and only then, it surely will be hard to reclaim dignity.

 In light of all that facts, as far as Awdal and Salal are concerned Kulmiye must not be trusted to be the party which rules Somaliland. Rayaale is the one for a stable Somaliland.

I do not deny the fact that Rayaale alienated Awdal and Salal and even forced the two regions to fall back decades economically and developmentally but flip the coin over and imagine if Siilaanyo was on the chair, there can only be little doubt that Awdal and Salal would have become a desert by now and their citizens labelled as second class citizenship status. A fact which makes Rayaale Xaaji compared to Siilaanyo.

It is obvious that the Somaliland political parties are of the same essence on where they stand on social and economical issues in regards to Awdal and Salal but they are at the same time on different platforms, Kulmiye being the worst and which can be even categorised as the enemy of the two regions. 

These are some of the many points I don’t support Kulmiye. Awdalites have done a great job in the last election denying Siilaanyo to become the president, repeating the trend would in fact serve the same again and I urge Awdal and Salal to do just that and vote for any other party. It will be up to each one of you to make sure that those of you who powered the victory in the last election stand together once again and deny kulmiye the opportunity to become the ruling party. Hence, voting for Udub is urged.

One thing noteworthy to mention and I am exercising honesty here is that Rayaale has done a bad job as Far as we the Samaroons are concerned. He buried our rights and degraded our pride. But the fact is, had Siilaanyo been the president, things would have been a lot worse and if he becomes the president, do not expect a miracle. He will be the same Siilaanyo who will make sure that Awdal and Salal are always glued at the bottom of the Somaliland bag.

For those of you who expect him to learn and adopt change, be reminded as the saying goes that a leopard cannot change its dark spots, Siilaanyo cannot change his personality. He is Siilaanyo now and will be Siilaanyo for the rest of his life unless you have the ability to redesign his DNA.

Siilaanyo, if he becomes the President and here say with me loud; “god forbid” will spearhead an economic policy that is based on clan warfare. Be assured that he will do everything possible to shut Awdal and Salal out of the political process in Somaliland and will take every opportunity to demonize them. Why vote for him then?

UCID– The other alternative:

I have read and heard a lot about UCID and the party seems to possess the best policies compared to others as the party is the one that most closely mirrors my own political convictions. But the good policies never seem to have been implemented fully yet. The party seems to lack nutrition to grow fully. In other words, the seed is planted but it needs fertilizers to help grow.  Authorities of the party also seem to lack decision making. That fact made the public to nick name as the party of the flip-floppers.

Faisal the leader is famous for his changing decisions and his ability to confuse the public as he says one thing and takes 360 degrees to the other direction and says another the other day which reminds us that he is not yet ready to govern.

UCID needs to grow up, plan and develop strategies to market its policies. But for now it is a little early to give the support as that will surely be a waste of a vote. I will give the party some years to grow and may be next support is theirs.

Iskusoo wada Xoori;

This coming June 26, 2010, to whom you will entrust your valuable vote, is important. Vote wisely because every vote counts. Your single vote could change an entire nation. There is still hope for our country when we do our shares. Do your share by voting for the right candidate.

Remember, standing in the way of your own progress is always more harmful than helpful. Giving your vote to Siilaanyo is just that. Don’t allow Siilaanyo and his Kulmiye stand in the way of our progress.  And let me warn you up front if you intend to vote for Siilaanyo; don’t get stressed when you find yourself skipping in the forest with all the Kulmiye wolves ready to pounce. Support Udub as it is the only one with no alternative. Be assured, giving your vote to Siilaanyo will not facilitate changes in yourself but will surely make your world a nightmare.

Don’t be an unwanted intruder. If you are feeling pulled in two directions, don’t give your power to the one who will use against you. Pause, think and learn the policy of Kulmiye. Take your time. I am sure with in no time you will become the master of your domain and will trust your instincts.  Listen to your heart; you will surely know that Rayaale is the Xaaji compared to Siilaanyo. In other words;

Hadii aad barato Siilaanyo waxa hubaala wax hore inoo gaadhayba inuu Rayaale noqon Xaaji.

Find the courage to step outside your zone and discover the true Siilaanyo who will spare no time to destroy your pride. Your vote is an investment.  Be cautious with your investment. A properly calculated vote for UDUB will pay off three fold.

Hadal iyo dhamaantii; Intana waa iga fariine ila heesa;

Sargaalkii Kulmiyow, Sayid Siilaanyow tawakal calala.


Saaxibal dadqalato Sayid Siilaanyow tawakal calala.


Ninba waa markiisee Sayid Siilaanyow hada waa markaygii


Stay tunned for the next artice… “Shar gudban, shaydaan xijaaban”…

Suleiman Abdi Dugsiye


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