Somaliland websites Vs Somaliland Election

Somalilanders are going to the polls only days to come, but what worries me about the election is that there exists more who are not happy with the peace and stability that the people of Somaliland enjoy. The people of Somaliland are ready to vote for their candidates for they wish that they would be the president of Somaliland will champion them towards recognition, peaceful coexistence and development.
The most important thing of all is that all Somaliland citizens should keep in mind that it is the responsibility of all to spare no effort in keeping and guarding the interest of the country by acting against anti-peaceful election campaigners. The election to be free fair and peaceful is not only a victory for only Somalilanders but also to all peace loving people in the horn and the international community at large. i have seen some Somaliland websites that are busy in creating a clannish based election campaign by posting articles that are unethical and discouraging.  it is not what mostly expected from the educated to devote their efforts in disadvantageous and misleading ideas by continuously pursuing only the negative part of the story while ignoring the bigger picture.
It is clear as crystal that there will be no two presidents elected to lead the country for the coming years, so in order the country not to be immersed into chaos and confusion i advice to all the educated and website editors to play their role in making the election to be accomplished successfully. it is not surprising to see that the editors of most of those websites that are busy in the baseless propaganda are residents outside of Somaliland.
It should be known to all that, who will suffer if anything gets wrong, is the people in Somaliland, but it is my dream that things will go smoothly and as required INSHAA ALLAH.
War on websites creates tension that always breaks my heart whenever i browse some Somaliland news portals, but what makes me sad is the baseless information that appears daily. Whose responsibility is it to edit and sometimes not to post articles that carry ideas which can irritate and make matters worse?
Responsibility gravitate those who can shoulder them, but thanks to the technology that made the pessimists heroes for it allowed them to say whatever comes from their mouse and print it in their own created news portals.
We were not sent to schools to harm others and agitate people but to think positively and work for the betterment of our society. Shame on those who devoted their muscle and mind in creating animosity among the sisters, brothers by using clan based divide and rule assumptions.
We, as close neighbors of Somaliland wish to see a peaceful Somaliland where the people elect by their own will and interest.
Hussein Mohamed Yusuf

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