Somaliland Election: The Choice between Incumbents and Power Hungry People

The election of June 26 has started earnestly and the people will decide very soon their choice for President and VP. This year 2010 and the years beyond promise to be very busy years for Somalilanders, as the people will consider ways of dealing with many challenging issues on sovereignty, unity, and development. People will support their favorite candidates and look at beyond party politics and consider historical facts and political ambitions of the candidates.  People have to think of candidates’ vision for Somaliland and how they functioned in times of difficulties and peace. While political campaigns in developed countries are tied to special interest groups and political parties, ours is based on tribal interest and groups who just work for their daily income.

This presidential campaign should be beyond tribal affiliation and influence from tribal elders who always sell the votes of their tribes for earning their daily survival. For Somaliland to prosper in peace and in its young independence, we need to focus the parties’ agendas and reject the special interest groups and lobbyists who are working against Somaliland interest. We need to filter the campaign propagandas and concentrate the real issues facing us today and tomorrow.

In this election, the choice is between the sitting President & his VP and others who are running for the same positions. The campaign has already created an electricity and enthusiasm that would transform Somaliland politics and send shock waves of excitement throughout a Somaliland yearning for recognition.  However, it is worth noted that we have witnessed Rayaale and Yaasiin brought the best qualities, passion, and depth in the history of Somaliland. They lifted and will lift the hopes and hearts of Somalilanders. Those two people have a unique history and vast experiences in politics and governance.

We have seen their capabilities and an ending struggle and campaign for our best interest inside and outside our country. They have campaigned hand in hand for realizing our independence and recognition by keeping our hope and peace when we needed them most. These two people have been in the office while all constitution was being made and government and civil laws have been created.  They are known internationally from campaigns for our recognition among the world communities and keeping the peace in our land. Indeed, they endured all hardships and political propaganda based on false assumptions from special interest groups and from some clans who disregard issues favored by the Somalilanders.

Above all the things they stand for and believe in their entire life in Somaliland; the loyalty to their party and the country stands above all others. People already saw and witness their governing power on executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government.  They discovered during governing that political leadership is both a complex and illusive qualities and that it is crucial to the welfare of the nation, political parties, and the executive power. Both these two men have been tested in many occasions in their political career. Also people know their stance on current and political issues as well as Somaliland sovereignty. People, except some who see differently, know these two people’s history and their governing power in Somaliland.

As this campaign unfolds, people will be seeing that airwaves, newspapers, and internet websites will be flooded with candidates’ ads and political commentaries. Some media and opposition will paint Rayaale and his VP with false picture. However, people know that these two men have brought and will bring the most commander-in-chief qualities in the history of Somaliland. People have tested Rayaale’s governing and judgments on negotiations and decisions crucial to Somaliland. Today’s arena of politics, Rayaale surpasses others in all ranges of issues facing our country from sovereignty, development, peace and unity.

Rayaale and Yaasiin have been fighting for our continuous search for sovereignty and lift once again the spirit of a nation that looks for a bright and prosperous future. These two people are more worried about the bread that our people have to win every day. These two persons are our voice that our country and people need so desperately.  Together, these two people have made our place in the International Arena. Together, they made peace and security their priority. They both challenged their foes and put the country first.

Somaliland has pinned its hopes on their proven success beyond the expectations of so many opposition people who dismissed both those two men from the first minute they were sworn in. They were elected by a cross section of our people before because people knew that they were on the right track.  Somaliland needs true and sincere leaders and indeed Rayaale and Yaasiin have been such people whom we already know and tested more often.  Undoubtedly, we are on the road to progress in the first time of our history because of the leadership of those two men.

We all know that we live in a country where the luxuries of life have become easily accessible while the basic necessities of life are unavailable or very costly. We want to develop our economy that can give the basic necessities to our people. Rayaale and Yaasiin have so long understood the people’s plight and misfortune. They know that the majority of our people live in poor circumstances; our people hardly manage to provide financially for their families. This team has already tested the waters and can take us to success while the others are campaigning on a destructive agenda and want to annul every agreement reached by the present government with the international communities and dismiss all accomplishments fulfilled by Rayaale & Yaasiin. The opposition wants to start everything from scratch and take us, God forbid, to where we left 20 years ago.

Hopefully, our people are smart enough to choose between the real and honest people and those with false hidden agendas and hunger for power.  Rayaale and Yaasiin are for the present and for the future and are the real choice in 2010 presidential election.

By  Mohamed Ali Mousa, Ottawa, Canada.


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