My Gentle Coolness And sensibility Overruled My Revulsion When I Voted Last Night On Somaliland Presidential Election

It was 26 of June 2010 and the time was about eleven o’clock when I left my home in Degmo Laqas City with the intention of casting my vote. After long consultations with myself, I had made up my mind a night before the voting day and I knew who would get my vote based on Awdal’s state of political affairs. To decide who to vote for was simple and it seemed pretty easy at beginning, but to go through with it wasn’t so easy and here is what happened that day.

Again a night before the voting day I went to bed knowing that I had to vote against President Rayaale and as long as I can remember my thoughts on that night were clear to me that I wanted Rayaale to lose his seat as I have fumed with anger about his actions. I also knew the only way Rayaale could lose his seat was if more people voted for Kulmiye Party which was the convincing contender for the two SL opposition Parties and that is how I came to the conclusion of voting for Kulmiye Party.

However on my way to the polling station I found myself arguing over what I had already decided. The left part of my brain was telling me I have to stick to my original decision but the right part of my brain was warning me that if I did what I had already decided it would  be a disaster which I will regret for the rest of my life.

Then suddenly a voice whispered in to my right ear and said to me “Suppose the number of votes that has been counted between Udub and Kulmiye are 100 plus your vote and each of the two main Parties have 50 votes, excluded your vote which if included would produce the winner.

This means that my vote would have made the outcome of the number of votes between the two parties something like this (100+My Vote= 101votes between Kulmiye Party and Udub Party) and the Party that gets my vote then would gain 51votes and that would produced the winner of the election.

So I stopped immediately and asked my self this question again and again. Is it wise to vote for Kulmiy? At that moment I evaluated the advantages and the disadvantages that voting for Kulmiye will bring for the country and I realised voting for Kulmiye will bring more disastrous disadvantages than advantages, thus I decided to change my mind but it wasn’t the last time I had to change my mind.

After long consideration again I had decided to vote the less evil Opposition Party which is Ucid Party and that was my final decision until I reached the Dagama Laqas polling Station.

Arriving there I handed my ID card which ,by the way, I bought from Kulmiye Party cards dealer who was selling my card with my photo at the cheapies price and luckily for me, the person sitting behind the table at the polling station was beautiful young lady who had a diamond smile on her face and after we had exchanged greetings she gave me voting papers then she pointed to the three boxes and she said,

Adeer xisbi walba bogos ayuu leeyahay ee wax ma akhridaa mise anaa ku kala tusa?

But I felt enrage after the young lady label me as her UNCULE and I reacted immediately in order to generate good interactions between the young lady and myself so I  replied by saying.

Haa ina adeer wax waan akhriyaa

The young lady look up and made an eye contact with me yet with no discomfort she repeated the same word that made my blood thicken and she said

Adeero hadaba cidaad jeceshahay bogoskooda ugu rid.

I turned to the boxes with a fury appearing on my face and I tried to cast my vote in to the Ucid box which I had already decided but then I realised that if I give my vote to Ucid party it won’t make a different then I tempted to ask the young lady her opinion since she was alone but I remembered, what her first word would be and I couldn’t get the courage to hear the word ADEER again and I quitted speaking to her again.

However it was time for me to decide who to give my valuable vote, thus I tried to place my vote on Kulmiye Party’s Box since Kulmiye claim to be the only alternative Party but my hand couldn’t let go the paper and I was shaking with anxiety then suddenly the lady again said.

Adeer ma dhamaysatay inankan baa sugaya e.

I turned towards the young lady and here she was chatting with a handsome young man of her age, suddenly I realised that  I was no longer one of  the  young generation so I had to resigned on to the Adeer title that the young lady gave me, so I replied by saying (adeer waxyar isuga.)

From that point I continued to focus on the main reason that took me there which was the voting and finally I realised there are no alternatives to Udub party and I have regained the confidence that I had for  President Rayaale.

Finally my gentle coolness and sensibility overruled my revulsions that I had for Rayaale and his Udub Party when I voted last night in Somaliland Presidential Election and I Abdale Farah Sigad for the sake of Awdal and Somaliland as Whole gave my vote to President Daahir Rayaale Kahin the Udub candidate.

Search for Unity…………..That was some dreams

Abdale Farah Sigad


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