Change! Change!: What Type of Change (Isbadel)?..?????

Change! Change!: What Type of Change (Isbadel)?..?????

June 16 – Idhanka)It is a human nature to look for political changes of status- queue , but not for a meaningless motives and change for the sake of change. Last two years were not a good for incumbent parties and leaders. Democrats won in the USA Election and Baraka Obama 47 years old from Africa was elected as the first Afro-American to be elected for this post. Similarly Conservatives also replaced labour in UK and David Cameron 43 years old succeeded to become the prime minister of Britain. The same thing had taken place in Holland to the disadvantage of immigrants. But the story is different in Africa. Omar Al-Bashir, Meles Zinawi, Mugabe , Kibaki and probably Ismail Omar Geele will retain their seats in the foreseeable future . Sure they have a reason.

Change means more that a person or a party. Baraka Obama 48 years and David Cameron 43 years are leading the greatest economies of the world.. They want to make changes in every aspect of governance. Already Obama is closing Guantanamo Bay, succeeded to secure the approval of health care reform bill etc, etc

Unfortunately Kulmiye party wants to make change in Somaliland. The man who wants to lead this change is Siilanyo. He is over Eighty years old (Compare with Obama and David Cameron) . He will be supported to make this change by Eng. Mohamed Hashi, Gaboose, Muse Bixi and others of the same age and mentality. Go back to the history of these leaders.

Siilanyo was first appointed by late Dictator Mohamed Siyaad Bare for a cabinet in Early 1970s. That is almost 40 years ago in which more than 60 percent of the expected Somaliland voters between the ages of 18-40 was not even in the womb of their mothers and it is a history for them.

He was the Chairman of SNM for a long time. He became the minister of planning in Mohamed Ibrahim Egals, Government( Allah forgive him)),then member of parliament and finally the founder of Kulmiye. He is alredy tired and old.

There is a Russian proverb which says an old engine cannot drive a brand new body.
Think of an Eighty year old man with weak and failing heart, eyes, ears and deteriorating brain driving a new vehicle. Sure he will rick the vehicle and Somaliland will be doomed to failure.
Just like an old engine with wearied out Cylinder, pistons , crane shaft and exhaust system will destroy the new body of the vehicle.

As we all know Dr. Caboose is a medical Doctor by trainings. He is the only member in this group who was trained to save the lives of these people. He knows more than us the value of blood in the human beings. Unfortunately, he is number one instigator of conflicts, advocate of armed conflict and craves to shed blood.

Everybody knows that, he already shed blood in Erigavo to gain his political ambition and if not for the vigilance of Somaliland security personal more carnage would have taken place in Buro last week. He was disempowered when the leadership of Kulmiye realised his bad intentions and that he is not serving the interest of their party.

Muse Bixi is also power hungry person who can do everything possible when it services his purpose. We know how he switched from group to other group in the last decade. He left his group like Dhagaweyne and Abdirahman Aw Ali and other ( Calan Cas). Reliable sources tell that Abdirahman Aw Ali had lost his vice- presidential post because of him.

He failed Abdirahman Aw Ali in the Buroa Kulmiye Congress. This is a clear indication of his personality and he will be a very dangerous person if he succeed to secure a high leadership post..

His role in the unfortunately Hargeisa civil war is known to everybody. We all know that he even tried to draw a green line in the Capital, and intended to make a new air field in Abaarso for West of Hargeisa . Hargeisa would not have been the Hargeisa of today, if the wisdom of late Mohamed Haji Ibrahim Egal had not overruled his intentions.

I don’t want to repeat here the famous quotations he made when somebody raised the importance of reconciliation and peace building in Hargeisa civil war.

My question to educated elite, students at Universities secondary schools ,thousand and thousand of peace loving and voiceless population, young generation of 18-40 years,
Can we trust these leaders?

Please think twice before you cast your vote. Let us forget clan loyalty and think of the future. The change this new country needs is to be led by the young generation of Obama and David Cameron age ,and not by Siilanyo ,Mohamed Hashi and Gaboose.

My last appeal to the open minded citizens do not VOTE FOR KULMIYE. Let us send this people to their rightful places. Siilanyo and Mohamed Hashi to The House of elders, Gaboose to a rehabilitation centre so that he shed no more blood and Muse Bixi to International criminal tribunal for the atrocities of Hargeisa civil war.

By Hibi Abdirahman Mohamoud

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