Message of Peace From the Founder And Chief In-Editor

My Name is Abdikarim Haji Ibrahim Nur an Academic  and elite who lives Nations Capital Ottawa, Ontario ,Canada ,Since 1991.Married to Wife Nimo Kahin and have Four Wonderful Children:-Daughter Filsan ,Son Yasir, Daughter Afnan, Son  Ibrahim  .Thanks to (God) Allah for the Gift of life . I am Professional Accountant ,IT Tech Support Personal and  Humanitarian Volunteer Worker.Currently volunteering with Ardaa NGO Canada chapter.An Individual professional Member with Devex International,Based Washington DC.

I was thinking for a while to create Website that can help Somali Community Overseas and back Home so that they can  share Information,knowledge,finally Last Summer Between July-Aug ,2009 while I was on Holiday Springfield  Virginia, U.S.A with my Family. It become possible for me to put together .These Site is non Profit online  Newspaper where  Somali Community can exchange Information and also can use as a Resource Centre.It is also  tribute to  my late Father Haji Ibrahim Nur Jama May Allah(God) .who passed away  1987.May Allah Bless his soul on Heaven.Aamiin. He was a man of Truth, Decency, Statesman ,Family Man , nationalist who was well liked by his Colleagues ,Who feared his God (Allah ) all his life and was one of the First four Cabinets who have signed the declaration of the first Independence of Somali land on 26 June 1960 what later on become Somalia.After United with Southern Somalia’s who got their Independence as well 1St July,1960.  

 The Cabinets were As follows:-Hon Haji Mohamed Ibrahim Egal(From Berbera) what is now Sahil,Hon Haji Ibrahim Nuur Jama (Awdal Region) ,Hon Haji Ali Garad Jama (Sool Region),Hon Haji Ahmed Abdullah Kayse( Togdheer /Sanaag Region).And Hon Mohamud Abdi Arrale (North West Region .History Never Dies But Humans.I hope one day Our Children Will Witness Honourable Memory of those who made possible for our Independence not otherwise .God Bless Somali People around the Globe particularly Somali land people which is where I am from. I also want to take a moment to thank Canadians coast to coast specially to the Canadian Government and Citizens of this beautiful Country who have hosted and opened thier hearts for Somalians .During Somali civil war Refugee crises .On behalf of Somali Community once again We thank you Canada. We will not forget those who help us when we where in crises. Finally I would like send a Message of Peace to the Somalian Communities around the Globe particularly this Crucial time of our history.We should remember that regardless our differences .We can overcome our problems as a Community .I don’t think anybody can recall Somali history as dark as it is today .It seems when you talk to any Somalis today they all know what the problem is ,but nobody wants to be part of the Solution. As we all know we are Homogeneous which is a lot of other Communities don’t have . Somalians Speak same language, Share same Religion  Share Same Culture so on and God(Allah ) has given us a land that is more than it is population which is full of Resources more than its population -If managed properly.Those who are fighting with the blood of their people specially this message to my brothers in the south which somehow can not reach sensible peace agreement between themselves , Should first ask Allah(God) Forgiveness and Put down their weapons and make peace for the sake of their own people who have suffered so long in their hands ,You need to sit the table together by putting aside your differences and start new page of peace for sake and Almighty Allah (God). History will Judge those who make difference.Finally Remember do not give up the mercy of (God)Allah he is forgiver.if you come back to him and repent.He will help you .I hope we can salvage what is left of Somali Sovereignty .Finally I want Congratulate To First Somali land Government and its Citizens who have built so much that they can be proud of themselves. By saving thier People from the Turbulence of our brothers Somali Conflict and successfully made possible peace among their Communities without much outside help . Not to forget you have established tangible nation building institutions which can be role model for the rest of Somalians , I hope the outcome of coming presidential election will will determine Somali land destiny with one simple piece of advise in mind .It has to be peaceful ,transparent and rule of law should be respected regardless who wins .So God ( Allah ) help us and Make possible that we can make difference in our Communities by living an example such as promoting Peace , Justice, Equality , Respecting one another and nation building at this crucial time of Somali History. 


Abdikarim Haji Ibrahim Nur

Chief -In- Editor


and Founder


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