A Response to Farid Adam on Somaliland Companies and Taxes – By Ahmed Kheyre

I must say I was pleasantly surprised to read Mr. Farim Adam’s article regarding my articles on why Somaliland ’s major companies refuse to pay their fair share of taxes. Mr. Adam has spent a great deal of time trying to find out my true identity, why? My name is Ahmed Kheyre. Is that not enough? What is need to search for me all over London and beyond! I am a journalist. I wrote an article. It has a simple argument, why aren’t Somaliland successful companies pay their fair share of taxes? Every Somaliland businessman or businesswoman, no matter how large or small pay their taxes to both the municipality and central government, why can’t the fat cats, Somtel, Telsom, Dahabshiil, Libax, Mawel,Indhadheero, Qarannexpress, etc, pay their share of taxes?

Why don’t these companies invest in Somaliland ? Why are they willing to pay taxes in every country except Somaliland ? Why don’t they invest in their country so that new customers with purchasing power could be created via employment, new services, derived from their contribution to the nation’s budget?

Mr. Adam, spends far too much time with character assassination, if you can’t stop the message, stop the author? What has Kheyr and Ahmed have to do with my argument?  No one has appointed me Auditor General, Minister of Finance, etc, I am fine and happy in my life and career, and if asked I am able to work for free for my country. It is not about personal ambition, nor publicity, or personal ego, it is about the truth.

If as Mr. Adam states that I have attributed a not yet approved legislation to the Somaliland parliament, should not the main point be that such laws should exist? If I mixed Telsom and Somtel, what is the difference, the question still remains; shouldn’t these rich companies pay their fair share of taxes?

I am a Somalilander, and I don’t have to prove that to anyone. Read my articles for the last 10 years, and see for yourself. Of course I want the best for Somaliland , and making sure that these companies pay their fair share of taxes if a worthwhile cause.

To Mr. Adam and his sponsors, I will keep on keeping on, because this issue has touched a sore nerve and led to all kinds of unseeming behaviour from some of these companies. They know who they are?

The truth is painful, it is sometimes hard to swallow, but, at the end of the day, it sets you free. It is true that these companies are not paying their fair share of taxes. It is true that they are not reinvesting in the country. It is true that they are getting richer and their customers are getting poorer. It is true that both the government and the parliament are hesitant to take on this issue. But, sooner or later, all involved will take a look the situation and do the right thing.

Ahmed Kheyre – London

Email: akheyre1960@yahoo.co.uk

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